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 Portfolio for CADA Advertising



Our level five manager and ever-lasting student, he is our sensei. Peter splits his life between his court (tennis), his children courts (soccer and volleyball) or his wife’s triathlons. He starts the day off with a cup (or three) of coffee after reading 5 articles, sending 15 WhatsApp messages and 20 emails, usually at 4:30 am. His morning meetings consist of summing up our client’s work. As a former surfer, who understands when the swell is coming, he attaches life lessons to his morning meetings for the team to understand how to ride that next big wave or swing a back handed drop shot. 


Paddle boarding junkie, cool father and loyal husband. The Senior Ideation & Design, with over 25 years of experience, Tico is the TSA check point for every creative work. No matter how rough the wind is (in this fast-paced digital windy world) he will always keep us paddling in the right direction. 


If her coffee is not steaming HOT, Krisstarah isn’t working. In between microwave runs and receiving e-mails she is hot off her seat every day. People person, beach lover and devoted to her family. Loves to have a quick lunch and her little sweet pastry every afternoon. Very sharp, organization freak and always on top of things, she is an outstanding account director and the backbone of our lovely working family as the office manager.


The Mother Goose of the pack with a sexy intellectual approach, Diana is the public relations specialist. She always knows what to say, when to say it, how to say it and on the right channel. She is a strategist and over-viewer of the client roster having an extensive tenure in the health industry. Her know-how is resourceful, and her sources run from every media company and government agencies.


Puertolombian filming lover (with over 2,000 videos on his backpack) living life between Puerto Rico and Colombia. His heart and money are torn between camera goodies and sports teams. You will always see him with his baseball jersey and maybe a beer in hand. He will not only see life in a different perspective, but he will find the best angles with 1080×920 pixels to present life in FULL HD (higher devotion).


Chief sound engineer and the boss of our Audio Division. The literal voice behind most of our video productions, he is a symbol of true passion for life. With no hands, arms nor legs, he is our vivid example of no barriers and cero excuses. His endless drive in his personal electronic wheelchair turns out to be the motivation to reach a higher volume and perfect sound.


A picky eye for video editing and always coloring inside the lines, David provides a great backup in every filming assignment with a meticulous precision. With a recent newborn he is fast learner on how to be the perfect dad for a baby girl in a dual advertising and military world.


Not your usual cyber geek; the contemporary, relevant with the times, and on-top of the gigabyte world, Sancho is a rare hyperactive, on the job web and app developing handyman. His savvy construction thinking process with a mixture of absolute logic and common-sense coding is applied to create perfect mobile-friendly websites. With his long-time, forward minded Peruvian wife by his side he is constantly trying to be a resourceful, disciplined but cool father with two teenagers 10 times smarter than him.